Vehicle Dash Cameras

A couple Christmas’ ago, I received a dash cam as a gift and my husband installed it in my car. Most of the time, I forgot it was even there and never really gave it much thought.

One time the camera captured a video of a pickup truck losing its rear tire while pulling a travel trailer on the interstate. After pulling myself together, after nearly loosing control of my car at 80 mph with my child in the backseat, I remembered I totally caught that on camera. While it was entertaining to show family and friends our ordeal, I quickly went back to ignoring that I even had a camera in the car.

That was until about 3 weeks ago when driving my kiddo back from one of her (many) after school activities. We were slowing for traffic and an upcoming red light when we were rear ended by a car and pushed into the car in front of us. If any of you have every had to deal with police, insurance companies, and other drivers from an accident you know things can get a little heated and confusing with he said/she said statements.

How was I going to prove that I was not the at fault driver, that I was not following the vehicle in front of me too closely? One of the insurance agents asked wanted to know the information for the drive in front of me so that he could ask her how many impacts she felt (implying that I might have hit her first which caused his insured to hit me). That was when I remembered having a dash cam that would prove I was the impacted vehicle. This was a few days later and I was not sure how long videos kept on the camera, I never really needed it before. Luckily for me, my Rexing V1 dash cam locked the file footage containing the accident so that it could not be overwritten. After providing a copy of the video to insurance and police, there is no question as to fault and what happened.

Having a front facing camera is great but after that experience, I have been looking at upgrading my dash cam to one that records forward and rear. There are a couple of different versions: some house both cameras in the same unit that mounts to your windshield, while others have a remote camera that can be mounted in your rear window. I have not fully made a determination of which I will choose yet as there are benefits to both.

The cameras that have both lenses in the same unit, like the Rexing V2, I think would work great in a setting like an Uber or Lyft driver so that they can capture everything that happens in the vehicle. While I am not totally sure I want to know what all is going on in the back seat, kids and dogs, you know! Although, I usually figure it out when I have to shovel out the kiddo’s remnants. For me it may make more sense to capture what is happening out the back window in the event that I am ever rear ended again. Something like the Rexing V1P Pro might just fit the bill.

With the price of dash cams coming down to affordable rates and how useful they are in capturing what is happening in case of any legal questions, I would support installing them in all your vehicles if possible. Not only do you have a video record of any potential accident, you would be surprised at what you catch on camera. The entertainment value alone may be worth it.

I know there are many brands, types and they cover the whole range of prices. I have found that the Rexing that I own has been a reliable unit at a reasonable price and did exactly what it advertised when I needed it. SO I feel a bit of loyalty to the brand.

Do you have a dash camera in your car? Has it ever caught and accident or something interesting on the video?


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