Tommy John and the Testicular Cancer Foundation Join to #Supportyourballs

Man Up. Check ‘Em.


Testicular Cancer

Did you know that November is men’s health month?I know November is almost over but it is never to late to talk to the men in your life about Testicular Cancer.  While it’s certainly a man’s issue, it is important for women to get involved in raising awareness, since a diagnosis can affect the entire family. Men may be procrastinators, but they do listen to the women they love. Talk to the special man in your life today about getting checked for testicular cancer. #supportyourballs

Some quick facts about testicular cancer:

  • One male is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour

  • It is the most easily detected form of cancer

  • It has the highest survival rate when caught early


How is Tommy John helping?

  • We are giving 5% of all sales coming from our limited edition “Mustache and Ball” collection

  • We are contributing $10 for each purchase made by new customers who were referred by someone else

  • We are donating $1 for each entry in our Instagram contest up to $1,000 (more on that below)


What’s in it for you?

  • “Share a pair win a pair” Instagram contest. To enter, take a picture of any pair of round objects, and tag them on Instagram #SupportYourBalls, and follow @TommyJohnWear and @TesticularCancerFoundation for a chance to win a pair of Tommy John underwear


The Testicular Cancer Foundation is an amazing organization where, due to the generosity of angel investors who cover all of the organizations overhead, they are able to put 100% of all donations directly towards the cause.  Testicular Cancer Foundation provides education and support to young men to raise awareness about testicular cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer among males ages 15-35. For more information, please visit Show us that you #SupportYourBalls by sharing with us on Twitter. @TommyJohn + @SingleJingles


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