Guest Post: Is Your Son or Daughter the Next Top Actor or Actress?

A child who participates in performing arts programs engages in a powerful form of creative art that can potentially produce a rewarding career. Performing arts programs also cultivate the development of additional academic skills for children, such as proficiency in reading comprehension and language arts. Many children also gain higher confidence levels after completing drama and theatre classes. Musical theatre productions incorporate live performances and built-in stages. Actors use modern and classical acting techniques to grab the imagination and attention of the audience. It is an exciting form of creative art, in which actors work together to create a story that involves musical composition, acting and dance. Theatre camps offer many opportunities for children to follow their passions and enhance their verbal communication skills. Standing Ovations summer camp programs provide opportunities for aspiring actors to experience an intense acting program that allows children to learn the craft as well as develop friendships with other children who also enjoy participating in performing arts. By allowing children to participate in stage plays and musical performances, children will be able to express their creative talents through professional stage productions. As one of the premier walnut creek children’s theatre programs, Standing Ovations provide actors with unique opportunities to nurture their creative aspirations.

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