SpiritHoods Kids Review

My daughter loves accessorizing.  Be it hats, scarves, jewelry, purses, you name it if she thinks she can use it to spice her outfit she has it or wants it.

About SpiritHoods
SpiritHoods connect kids in a unique and creative way to nature and our animal friends. SpiritHoods are about friendship, family, love, generosity, and bonding with nature. A SpiritHood is more than just a cool furry animal hat, it inspires children to bond in a completely new way to the world around them.

We believe in the conservation and protection of both the planet and it’s animals, and feel strongly about educating kids about animals, and empowering them with the ability to make a difference. To help give back we’ve partnered with, and are actively donating a portion of our proceeds to, several non-profit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation. We call this Product Blue.

A SpiritHood feels cuddly and soft, but is built to withstand the “tough love” that kids give their favorite things. It is our goal that each SpiritHood grows with your child and lasts a lifetime. Our hoods are handmade with the best quality faux fur. We would never harm our furry friends.  All SpiritHoods are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.

When you purchase a SpiritHood with the PRO BLUE logo, they donate 10% of net profits to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping that particular Spirit animal. A major goal of theirs is to educate people on the importance of helping these animals and empower them to make a difference. Buy a SpiritHood, Help an animal.

Over Thirty Mommy’s Thoughts
Over Easter weekend, I saw a young girl at an Easter Egg hunt wearing the most adorable Husky hat with paws on the ends. It was so cute.  I knew that Beans would LOVE it so I looked online to see if I could find it but had no luck.  Then out of the blue I was contacted to see if I wanted to share SpiritHoods with my readers.   We were given the opportunity to review the half version of the Panda Hood (shown above), Half versions are shorter, have flaps to cover your ears (instead of full scarves) with a hidden pocket on one side and the Panda one has cute pom poms at the end of ties on the flaps (that my daughter likes to fluff in my face).  Half versions of the hoods are available in the adult shop if you are looking for them, it took me forever to figure that one out.

Full length Hoods retail for around $79 and the half size ones are about $69

One of my favorite features is that the hoods can be washed.  My daughter did not want to take it off so it got a bit messy when she ate with it on. They do recommend dry-cleaning your hood or hand washing your hood in cold water and air drying but if you have the Doodle Hood, you can wash it alone in the washing machine on “delicate” with warm water.


Where to Find SpiritHoods:
SpiritHoods are available at boutique shops and retailers across the country as well as online from their site. 

 **Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Other people may have different experiences with the products.**


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