She Made the Nice List This Year!

Getting on the Nice List

Getting a letter in the mail from Santa is magical for any child.  It is a delight for parents too.  To see the sparkle in your child’s eyes when they open the mailbox and find a beautifully decorated envelope addressed to them and postmarked from the North Pole it truly amazing.  I have always loved Christmas but getting to see the magic of the season through the excitement and wonder of your child is very special.

Each year after we visit Santa, he graces her with a beautiful letter in the mail and it completely makes her day (and holiday season).  This year her letter arrived just after Thanksgiving, must have been early because we had an early November visit with Santa at her school’s Holiday’s Around the World celebration. That or maybe she was really high on the nice list this year (her dad might disagree some school mornings when she struggles to get out of bed and get ready for school).

She was beyond excited the day her letter arrived, didn’t even stop to take her coat off before opening up her PackageFromSanta.  She turned on the Christmas tree lights and tore into her package admiring each and every item included.

The contents of the package were beautiful and very high quality, considering the big man has so many kids to write to we were very impressed.  She loved the personalized letter that talked about her Elf.  The Nice List certificate was also a big hit, she uses it as evidence that she is already being good.

She will be over the moon when Santa calls her and sends her a video massage, they were treasured last year and she still talks about them.

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