Guest Post: RTO Thermal Oxidizer

Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) are devices that destroy pollutants to control pollution. They recycle the heat that is generated when the pollutants are destroyed through the thermal or heat producing combustion. Because the energy that is generated through this process is reused, the process is called regenerative. The heat can be used for a secondary purpose such as heating air or water or continuing the pollutant destruction process. RTO thermal oxidizers are rated by the efficiency with which they destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and by their heat recovery efficiency. When the regenerative heat produced is recycled into the process, the amount of fuel needed is greatly reduced. Adwest provides Flameless RETOX RTO thermal oxidizers for hydrocarbon, (VOC), solvent fumes, hazardous and halogenated air pollutants emission control. Their Retox Dual Chamber RTO thermal oxidizers are one of the most energy efficient solutions for a company to become VOC compliant. It gives up to 97 percent primary heat recovery. Industries that need RTO thermal oxidizers to remove the toxins in the exhaust they generate get several significant advantages from Adwest. The flameless natural gas injection reduces the use of fuel by 40 to 60 percent compared to burner operations. It also offers zero leakage poppet valve flow control with an extended five year warranty. The RTO modules are easy to install and maintain and have from 1,000 to 80,000 scfm flow-rates. Adwest provides 24/7 service support with lifetime free telemetry remote service diagnostics. There are many more advantages offered by Adwest for VOC control projects.

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