National Adopt A Shelter Pet Month #MeetMyShelterPet

“Meet My Shelter Pet” is part of a larger campaign to change people’s perceptions of shelter animals, and ultimately increase adoptions across the country.
Since launching the campaign in 2009, the percentage of dogs and cats who were adopted from shelters is on the rise. Euthanasia of shelter pets is down 10 percent. There is still work to do; 2.7 million healthy and treatable pets lose their lives in shelters each year.
We are strong proponents of adopting dogs from shelters, our oldest dog had been through 5 homes before us and was scheduled for destruction but we saw her potential and rescued her and she is a great dog.  Sure she barks in the middle of the night and if given the chance will run and think it is a fun game of chase but she is so kind and gentle with our daughter and is a loving girl.  I could not imaging our family without her.
These videos were created in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month to encourage pet adoption from shelters and rescue groups.

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