My Little Girl Is Starting Preschool

My Little Girl is Starting Preschool

My emotions are all over the place, I am sad but I am also thrilled.  I am happy that they think that, at just over 2 1/2, she is ready to go to the preschool class but I want to keep her my baby girl and have her stay with her toddler room friends.

I knew the day would come when my little Bean would start school.  It is inevitable but I thought I would have more time to prepare myself.

We got the notice last week that the director at her care center felt she was ready to start the transition process in to the preschool room and that she would be visiting the “big kid” class for a few hours each day until they felt she was ready to go over there full time.

We got a handout from the director letting us know what we should expect her to experience in her new classroom.  The paper also told us that the transition process could take a month or so depending on how well she adjusted.  I took that to mean I had a month to prepare myself for the reality that my Bean would officially be a “Big Girl” much sooner that I was ready for her to be.

Fast forward ONE week, I get a call from the program director at work letting me know that they feel the transition process went faster then they had planned and that they would like to start her full time in the preschool room starting Monday morning.  I wanted to shout, “wait! I need more time to adjust” but I knew this was the best thing for our daughter. So with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye, I agreed (after a round of 20 questions to make sure she was really ready and the class would be good for her) to move her to the preschool room.

The program director assured me that she fits in perfectly with the rest of the class and that Apparently she asks all day long when it will be time for her to go with the “big kids” and when she will have learning time.  She is not fully potty trained yet (but we are getting close) and she knows and understands that the preschool class should be trained.  The director told me that Beans’ teacher told her that she would go potty in her toddler room and then come out exclaiming “I went potty, can I go with the big kids” (I know how adorable!).

Knowing that this was a big step for her (and me!) I took her shopping this past weekend for her first set of School Clothes.  It was a fun experience, as shopping always is, but there were some somber moments when I had to fight back the tears as she tried on her new outfits gleefully and talked about her new class.



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