My Bean Got Bit!

My Bean Got Bit!

Yesterday when I arrived to pick Bean up from “School” (Daycare), she did her usual yippie skippy my mommy and daddy are here shriek and giggle but when I got in the room and she ran to me for our usual hug the first thing she told me was Sally (not her real name) bit me.  Bean then proceeded to show me a visible bite mark on her upper arm.

The teacher’s assistant that does the after 5:00 watch until parents arrive then nonchalantly said “oh, yeah, you need to sign this”.  I as then given a form that stated that my child was bit by another child and it had a drawing of a body with an X on her arm for the area of injury.  I read the form quickly and noted that it had not type of release on it (it was just an incident report) and signed it.  The TA then told me that the center director would look at it and sign it the next day and I would get a copy.

I left with my daughter without any type of explanation of what happened and how there was no teacher that witnessed the other child biting my child.  I tried to ask Bean what happened but you do not get a lot of detail from a 2 1/2 year old so all I could get was that Sally Bit me and it hurt.

I thought that the director would possibly be in a little earlier than usual today to explain what happened or what the procedure was for these biting incidents but she was not there today when I dropped Bean off for “school”.  I did notice that in the sign in binder Sally had a similar page that I signed the prior evening that stated that she bit another child.

I am not sure how these biting incidents work, my child has never been bit before and has never bitten another child but I feel that it should have been handled a little more seriously and maybe I should have at least received a call this morning from the director acknowledging the incident or something more than “oh yeah, Bean was bit by another child, you need to sign this”.

I am sure that I am being an overly protective parent, she is my one and only child but she was bit by another student and still has half a mount of teeth marks on her arm today.  I think that warrants some type of apology or explanation.

I guess I will see if I get any more details of explanation this evening when my husband and I got pick her up.


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  1. I know that procedure usually is from them to call both sets of parents to inform what happened when it happens bubba got bit last month and I instantly got a call. To explain and when I got there they explained what led up to it where it was what they did about it and how they provided first aide. Bubbas daycare (school) also gave me the same incedent report but with a full explanation on it. I had to ask no questions. I would be calling the director and explain my concerns if I were in your position. And you are not being over protective I do the same

  2. Biting is very common for that age. Sally may not to verbally express her frustrations well and bit your daughter instead.

    My son bites my daughter sometimes; it’s the quickest method to get his sister to leave him alone. I understand how frustrated you must feel with no explanation. If your daughter can understand, you might want to ask her to try to stay away from Sally from now on.

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