Wordless Wednesday: Motorcycle Princess

Wordless Wednesday: Motorcycle Princess

Because every 3 year old has a motorcycle, right?

Please note that I insisted on her having an actual motorcycle helmet in order to be allowed on her motorcycles (yes she has 2 one red and one blue) with her daddy.  The helmet is bigger than most of her body!

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  1. Adorable. Another thing I love my kids to have is a chest protector. After a family members child passed away from a stick going through his abdomen and severing his main artery, I am a Worry wart. We ran around on anything with a motor from as long as I can remember. Love all those childhood memories!

    • Oh my, I never thought of that! Thank goodness the riding season is done for now but she might be getting one of those under the tree this year. Thanks for the advice.

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