Monkeying around with Liberty Bottleworks

Monkeying around with Liberty Bottleworks
We are big on reusable bottles around our house.  We make our own soda and do not drink bottled water so that we are not contributing to the landfills.  We moved metal water bottles while I was pregnant and learned about all the bad effects of BPA, contained in many plastic bottles.
Then, just when I thought I was doing the best thing for my family, out came information that some metal bottles can leach BPA. Apparently aluminum water bottles with an epoxy-resin lining may include BPA.  BPA can leach from the lining and hot water increases leaching from these epoxy resin-lined aluminum bottles. The best way to tell if your aluminum bottle has a lining possibly containing BPA is to look inside the bottle for a gold-orange lining.
With this new information, I was now on the hunt for replacement bottles again.  This search lead me to Liberty Bottleworks.
 Liberty Bottleworks, founded in 2010, was created out of the belief that the best products are made in America by American workers.  Liberty Bottleworks makes the industry’s only completely BPA-free metal water bottle from 100 percent recycled aluminum.
Their bottles are dishwasher safe  and lined with a flexible coating that does not leach.  Liberty Bottleworks uses a patent pending 1/4 turn on/off design top.  Along with these great features, the bottles feature \ one-of-kind art commissioned from artists across the country.
While I found the 1/4 turn lid to be easy to use, it was a bit tougher for my 3 year old to manage, the new Liberty Bottleworks Sport Cap should fix that problem easily (and is now standard on Kid bottles) , and it is made in the USA to boot!  My daughter is loving her No Evil bottle and calls it hew monkey banana bottle.  The designs are fun, they have something for everyone (even some plain solid colors).  I love the Abigail design, they have some interesting Topo and map image bottles that my husband would appreciate and you can even make up custom bottles with company logos and images.
This past July, Liberty Bottleworks held a Back to School Art Contest where students ages 5-13 submitted designs for a chance for their work to be featured on a limited edition Liberty bottle.  This year’s winner was Klay Koler, age 6, from the Yakima Children’s Village.  Liberty Bottleworks will donate $7 of each winning design bottle purchased to his school’s art program.
**Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Other people may have different experiences with the products.**  

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