Guest post: Modern Puppies

My daughter wanted a puppy, but we did not have a lot of room in our home. I began looking for small dogs, and while online, I found this company. After looking at some of the products, I decided to get the indoor pet potty for our new puppy. The potty was actually in the form of a crate, so I was not sure that it would work in training our dog. The company called the crate an apartment, and when it arrived, there was a video to help understand how to use it. We set up the puppy apartment, and we waited to see if our dog would go in it.

One of the things we used to get the dog in the apartment was a treat. We placed the treat on the floor of the crate, and he finally went to the bathroom on the padded area. This product has made owning a dog much easier than I imagined it would be. We no longer have to clean up messes on the floor, and we don’t have to take the dog outside when it is cold. The price is affordable for such a great product, and my daughter could not be happier with her pet.


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