Make Traveling With a Child Easier with Ride on Carry On

Make Traveling With a Child Easier with Ride on Carry On

Traveling with a small child in a crowded airport can be a nightmare.  You have to try to balance your luggage, the child’s luggage, a car seat, stroller and the child all while trying to maneuver through check-in lines, security and getting down the concourse to the gate.

So when I saw the Ride On Carry On on one of my favorites shows, Shark Tank, I quickly emailed them about promoting their ingenious product.  I had an upcoming trip that would be a great testing ground for the Ride On Carry On.

The night before we were to leave, I pulled the Ride On Carry On out of the box and quickly hooked it up to my carry on.  It attached easily and and with out even needing my husband’s assistance!

As soon as my daughter saw it, she jumped into the chair and insisted that I “ride” her around the house for what seemed like hours.  We buckled her in and off er rode up and down the hall and around the living room to “test” it out.

After zooming around our living room airport, I told Bean that I needed to finish packing and getting ready for the morning trip the the real airport.  she was not ready to get out of her Ride On Carry On so I snapped in the included tray and she played happily in her seat while I buzzed around getting things ready.

About Ride On Carry On 
 The “Ride On Carry On” was an idea that came Darryl  when she was traveling with her 2 year old son, Dawson. After 19 years as a Flight Attendant she have watched families struggle with strollers and everything else that goes along with traveling with children.

She felt there had to be an easier way, so along with her husband Randy’s help, and after years of testing and design work, they feel we had come up with a safe and simple solution for traveling without the need for bulky strollers.

After lending their initial design to friends and fellow airline employees, the feedback was so positive they decided to patent the idea and go into production. They think you, too, will find the convenience the “Ride On Carry On” provides will have you wondering how you ever traveled without it.

They promise you will find it much easier to get through security, on board, and straight to your seat using the “Ride On Carry On”. Best of all, no more waiting at your destination for your stroller!

Over Thirty Mommy’s Thoughts
I do not have any photos of us in the airport using the Ride On Carry On but that is only because we were running a bit behind and I could not add the camera to all the things I was juggling.  My daughter enjoyed sitting in the seat and the toy/snack tray was very handy.  When you get to your seat on the plane, you simply fold up the seat and stow your carry on just like you would normally.

At first I was a little concerned that my daughter would get kicked or stepped on (being so low to the ground) but we had no issues with this and she thought it was a fun “ride” that she got to wheel around the airport.

Where to Buy
The Ride On Carry On is available directly from the Ride On Carry On website, as well as other distributors including Babies R Us.

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