Like Mother Like Daughter

First let me start with thanking my mother (NOT!) for cursing me, even though she denies it now.  Many years ago, probably when I was in my terrible teen years, she cursed me to have a daughter just like myself.  So sure enough, when my husband and I were ready to have our one and only child, we had a girl.

I knew from the beginning I was in trouble, she developed a personality and attitude just like mine (even though I tried to deny it to everyone that mentioned it).  We love the same things like shoes, purses, clothes, chocolate and sweets but we butt heads when it comes to who’s the boss and her listening.

Last night I finally had to admit and apologize to my husband that she is 100% me when it comes to attitude and pushing buttons (and boy does she know how to push my buttons!).

Growing up my family went camping for two weeks every summer, one year I was being particularly obnoxious and my mom sent me to my tent as a punishment. Being the defiant on that I am, I went to my tent but not quietly, I sat in there and made as much noise as I could.  My pièce de résistance was singing the tent tag over and over at the top of my lungs (I believe there is a video somewhere as evidence).  It is a story that is well-known and a legend to all of the family and close family friends.

Back to last night and the shattering of my front that my daughter and I are not exactly alike. I attempted to put her to bed about her usual time and she was resistant to going to sleep after snuggle time.  She told me she did not want to sleep, I tried to go with “OK, you do not have to sleep but you have to lay here quietly”.  Well that did not happen, she started hollering from her room that her throat hurt, of course my reply was “If it hurts that bad, you wouldn’t be screaming”.  She wanted to know why Daddy and I got to stay up late but she had to go to bed.  I tried the “because we are grown ups” response but that was a no go.  After about two hours of trying to get her to quiet down and rest, my husband and I decided to watch the end of the movie in bed before the news came on.

She did everything to get up, she would climb out of bed and start across the hall when I would send her back.  She shouted how boring her bed was and how she wanted to be in our bed.  We laid in our room chuckling about it all then the flash back happened.

She started singing and it went something like this “My bed it boring, I just want to sit up, I want to sleep in mom’s bed cause it is more fun.  I don’t want to go to sleep, I want to stay up…..”

I tried my darndest to be upset because she was not going to bed and it was already after 10:00 but it was so funny we were in our room cracking up laughing.  The singing went on for about 15 minutes before she slithered out of her room and stood in the hall “trying to look at the door but the TV kept getting in the way, so she had to watch it”.  She inched closer and closer to the bed climbing up the foot.

Finally in fits of laughter (is was after 10:30 by now) we caved and let her in the bed.  After snuggling in, she was asleep in less than two minutes.  She was beyond exhausted but I guess she just needed a little more mom and dad time.

All I can do now is apologize to my husband because I know what is in store for him in the future!



Like Mother Like Daughter — 5 Comments

  1. Your daughter sounds exactly like mine…which is scary because she too is exactly like me, lol.
    She does the same thing at bedtime too, and honestly it would probably be easier if I just let her lay with me from the start, but that doesn’t always work either because then she thinks she can sit up and play with me or talk to me instead of sleep.
    Good luck…to both of us! 🙂

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