Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo

More often than not, I just wear my hair in a pony tail.  It stems from my sports days where my hair had to be up and out of my face and also my lazy days where I would much rather get an extra 20 minutes of sleep than bother with styling my hair.

Also, my hair is frizzy and just all around annoying.  Once in a while I will take the extra time to straighten it (or burn it as my husband and daughter call it) and wear it down.  I love the look of my hair straightened but am not a fan of the length of time it takes to straighten it or feeling like it was a waste of time the next day after I wash it and the effect is lost.

One product that I have found that helps me extend the effect of my straightened hair is Lee Stafford’s Dry shampoo.  It will give you an extra day or two between washes to make the most of the time you spend styling your hair.

It is also great for times when you just can not wash your hair.  My dry shampoo will be going along on all my camping trips this summer.  While we do have a shower in our camper, it is not the easiest to use and the water supply is not endless so hair washing it a luxury I do not always get.  With the dry shampoo, I can keep my hair clean and save water (plus running around the forest with wet hair is not the most fun).

I have to admit, I am new to dry shampoo.  I only heard of it when my niece was taking a school trip to Europe and they would be trekking and traveling around so their trip supply list included dry shampoo.  I never gave it much thought until we started taking weekend camping trips regularly this past summer.

In the states, you can get Lee Stafford’s Original Dry Shampoo but if you are in the UK, you have access to the full line of Lee Stafford products (Lucky Bums!) where the dry shampoo comes in three shades; Original, Mid Brown, and Dark to perfectly match your hair color.  If you have brown hair and access to the full line, I would recommend that you use the Mid Brown or dark.  I used the original, it worked great but, when I sprayed it on, it actually made me look like I had grey hair (it was kind of funny).   It took some time to blend it, I might have used too much, but I was eventually able to get it looking normal.

Over all, I really liked the product and think that it worked great.  I was able to get an extra day out of my hair style and it took away that oily feeling your hair gets when it misses a wash.

**Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Other people may have different experiences with the products.**


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