Holiday Gift Guide: Flips Audio

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No holiday is complete without friends, family, food and GREAT music. Flips, the first ever headphone flip into speaker hybrid, makes the perfect gift for a friend or loved one not to mention -adds just the right vibe to your holiday party.

Flips_Black_Closed_Len_pkg (2)Featuring hi-definition sound with neodymium speakers, a comfortable fit and its Solo to Social feature, Flips are an innovative product perfect for any age.  Flips are also lightweight, rechargeable through any USB and come with a compact case (easy to fold).

Flips Audio headphones come in three fun color combinations Black/Green, White/Red, and Black/Gold.

Flips are cool, comfortable, eye-catching, with clean lines and a solid build…no “cheap plastic” feel like some headphones have. But here’s the revolutionary part, flips give you a stellar listening experience in 2 modes: solo and social.

Flips are the only headphones on the market today that transform from a single user listening experience (solo) to an amp’d up speaker for a crowd pleasing listening experience (social) with a flip.

Flips_White_Open_Len_pkg “Flips” Price: $120Available: Now at or

My daughter is always wanting to “share” my music with me and listen to what I am listening to while I study.  The day my Flips arrived, I was studying in the office and she came it asking what I was listening to.  I took off my headphones and flipped the ear cups around and she about fell over when the music started playing.  The look on her face was priceless.

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Flips are newest must have accessory of the upcoming holiday season!

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