High Flying Fun at Marvel Universe LIVE!

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High Flying Fun at Marvel Universe LIVE!

MUL_20140710_1785_1Yesterday I had the opportunity to go with the family to the new Marvel Universe Live show in Portland.  The show was full of high flying stunts, motorcycle stunts, pyrotechnics and the battle between good an evil in the hunt for the three fragments of the cosmic cube that Thor spread across the world.

As the Super Heroes track the Cosmic Cube fragments they encounter forces of evil including Loki, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Red Skull and Madam Hydra, Aldrich Killian and more.

MUL_20140711_2510_1The show is full of motorcycle action by heroes and villains alike.  Bruce Banner and Wolverine go head to head in a motorcross type competition, or at least it would have been had Banner not crashed his bike early on in the battle where he appeared to damage the bike (glad he was not hurt).  The fun banter between Banner and Wolverine was good for a chuckle.

IMG_20160305_145921749My daughter was one the edge of her seat for the entire show, gasping and pointing at all the explosions, motorcycle stunts, fights and especially when characters came down from the sky.

For me the show was stolen by Spider-man and his acrobatic abilities.  His skills were amazing, he appears to be a former gymnast or something like that.  He entered the show on a half pipe skate ramp and was doing flips and jumps throughout the show.  Entering scenes in his trademark upside down spidey pose more than once, his “webs” making off with Loki’s scepter.

MUL_20140712_6609_1We all thoroughly enjoyed the new Marvel Universe Live show, it was a great way to spend a family afternoon.

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