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Making Memories with 
#smores or #CampBondfire

Growing up, the only summer vacation we ever took was our annual two week camping trip close to Crater Lake in Oregon.  We went to the same campground and most years ended up in the same site (it was a favorite!).  Aside from our unofficial fishing competitions to see who could catch the most/largest fish, one of my most fond memories of these family trips was the evening S’mores.  It was a contest to see who could get their marshmallow roasted to perfection, who could make the S’more the best, and who could eat the most (see a pattern here, we were a little on the competitive side).

Getting Ready!

It has been many years since I have gone camping and I missed it, no phones, not TV and no work.  Just relaxation, hiking and quality time with the family.  This year my husband and I (mostly him) decided to get a camper and start taking our daughter camping.   

On our maiden camping voyage, I was excited to introduce my daughter to S’mores since they have great memories for me.  She of course started begging to make them the moment we arrived but we had to wait for at least dusk (tradition).  When the time was right, we sat around the campfire and her and I roasted her marshmallow together then I added the Hershey’s chocolate and graham cracker.  She gobbled it down so I asked her how it was and if she wanted another.  Her remarks were typical, Wiggle comments. The conversation went something like this

Enjoying S’mores with Daddy and Uncle G.

Wiggle: Is it hot
Me: not too hot, just warm
Wiggle: (chomp, chew, chomp, chew, mmm, chomp, chew, finger licking slurps)
Me:  how was it?
Wiggle:  mmm good
Me: Would you like another?
Wiggle: Yes, but this one can I have no marshmallow and no cracker?
Me: Wouldn’t that just be a candy bar?
Wiggle: YES!  That is the kind I like
Me: That is not a S’mores then.
Wiggle: yeah! but just the chocolate part
Me: OK, whatever, we are camping.  Have at the Hershey bars!
Wiggle: Woooo! (chomp, chew, chomp, chew, mmm, chomp, chew, finger licking slurps) 

 Double Fisting it!!!

Since that maiden S’mores experience we have had many more weekend camping trips ending each night with our traditional S’mores.  It has been a wonderful summer, one that I will never forget.  I look forward to many more camping trips before the season is over and more for years to come. 

We invited my husband’s brother along on one of our recent camping events and Wiggle enjoyed some HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE moments with her uncle G.

Now I just need a backyard fire pit so that I can make HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE memories any time I want to!


National S’mores Week (and National S’mores Day is Friday, August 10). To celebrate, we have a Twitter party scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, at 2-3 p.m. ET (hashtag #Smores) – Here’s a link to the Twitter party Twtvite, where you can see information about the prizes and more detail about the party and RSVP to attend: http://twtvite.com/smores


Hershey’s is hosting CAMP BONDFIRE on their Facebook page throughout the summer. Now through September 7, S’mores fans nationwide can visit CAMP BONDFIRE at the Hershey’s Facebook page , A virtual summer camp where YOU will be able to spend the summer inspiring and teaching kids about how to build “bond-fires” and gather around them with loved ones – so you can make Hershey‘s S’mores that last for seconds and memories that last a lifetime. You can also visit CAMP BONDFIRE for weekly tips, stories and activities focused on a variety of themes.  You can join the fun by registering to be a “Camper of the Week” for a chance to win outdoor prizes like a backyard fire pit. Capture their own memories and share their photos in the Fireside Memory Book at CAMP BONDFIRE. 
While on the Hershey’s Facebook page S’Mores lovers will be happy to find a printable $1 off coupon towards their next purchase of two packages of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars.

**This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are mine.**


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  1. Your daughter sounds like a sweet heart 🙂 This reminds me of my own childhood. I live in LA and my parents never took me camping (my mom is not a fan), but my dad (who loves the outdoors) did his best to try and give us a good campfire experience. So we used to sit out in our backyard, a nice log fire burning in a fire pit. We’d make s’mores and watch the stars. I just know your daughter is going to look back on these camping trips with love, as I do when I reminisce.

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