Guest Post: Tips for Buying Jewelry for Children


Any parent with at least one daughter knows just how hard it is to keep little girls away from mommy’s jewellery. I’m sure we can all remember too how exciting it was when our own mothers were getting ready for an evening out and how we’d try on their pieces as children. However, not all of our jewellery is safe for children and we’d like to keep the majority of our pieces clean and damage free. Whether you’re thinking of buying costume pieces or high quality jewellery for special occasions here are some things you should be thinking about.


For playtime or for a young child your best option is costume jewellery. These are cheap to buy and some children’s stores stock pieces designed to be non-toxic, hard to break and consider the likelihood of swallowing. If you don’t buy ‘toy’ jewellery from a specialist store you have to be a little bit more careful. Costume jewellery can contain copper and other cheap metals. Though reactions to these are rarely dangerous rashes and skin staining aren’t uncommon as children have a less developed immune system than us. Real metal jewellery might be a better choice if a reaction occurs.

Which pieces and where

The fascination with bead and dangling jewellery never really goes away, so the most enjoyable pieces will often be beaded necklaces or bracelets, hanging earrings and easy to spin bangles. These should be large and light to avoid rubbing and make it easy for the child to put them on themselves. For younger children fitted necklaces or bracelets are best so they cannot get caught on anything when playing. Rings are also very popular and easy for children to put on themselves. Plastic rings are especially useful as they’ve easy to clean and very cheap to buy in bulk. Depending on your views on ear piercing there is an increasing range of affordable studs for children of all ages and clip-ons are readily available from accessorising stores.

Dressy jewellery

For children nearer to the age of 10, metal jewellery will be far more appreciated. Older children want to feel more grown-up and there are few health hazards, so why not indulge them in a few genuine pieces? Both metal studs, hoops and clip-ons are readily available for little girls in a wide range of colours and cute designs. Necklaces can still get in the way, but another great choice is pendants. You only need one silver chain; choose a few different pendants so she can change her look every day. During the day rings and bracelets could get in the way of washing hands or become a little unsafe during outdoor play, but giving them these to wear on an evening out is another great opportunity for them to get to wear the pieces they love. Little cubic zirconia details or shapes will make the pieces more attractive.


Up until the teens mot children love the typical designs of children’s jewellery. Ladybugs, cats, dolphins, hearts, teddies and flowers are all popular with girls. It’s even better if they’re brightly coloured, especially for young children. Metal jewellery doesn’t have to be boring either; there are a number of shops that offer children’s pieces and add colourful tones to brighten up the piece. Silver jewellery is often matched with stones.

Boys too can get in on the fun. In the last few years miniature silver chains, bangles with tribal designs and simple metal rings have become more available for little boys to play with. Some boys have their ear pierced and basic metal studs and hoops are also available. Though less popular and targeting older boys, if your child is interested it’s a great chance to encourage them to look presentable and tidy.

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