Graduation Time and Many Thanks


I want to thank my readers for sticking with me even though my posts were few and far between. I know my readership has dropped and it will be a struggle to bring it back up but I am ready to jump in with both feet and hit the ground running.  I am very excited to return to my blog and catch everyone up on the on goings and shenanigans of Squeeze Bug, her dad, and I.  It has been an interesting year and I have much to share.  I look forward to bringing you new and exciting product reviews, tales of our travels, and the every hilarious tales of being a mom to a daughter that is like a mini replica of myself (I feel super bad for my husband, I am sure it is a challenge).

I can finally, proudly say that I am a college graduate! It was a long and tedious road with many late nights spent working on weekly and final term papers.  One thing I learned about myself during the past two years is that I am way to old to be pulling all nighters.  I worked my tail off and while I achieved a 3.96 overall GPA, I still fell short of graduating with honors.  The college I attended does not use Latin honors designations like cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude but only gives honors designation to those obtaining a GPA of 3.97 and above.  Sadly my 3.9646 (yes I calculated it out to the 10,000th to make sure it should not be rounded in my favor) was not quite enough and I missed it.  While I was disappointed with not reaching my goal of graduating with honor, I did not let it take away from my overall accomplishment. I am proud that I did as well as I did while working full time, purchasing and running a company, and meeting family obligations.

Thank you to my family, Squeeze Bug and my husband, for believing in me and supporting me through the past 2 years. I leaned heavily on my husband to keep Squeeze Bug occupied while I worked on homework, which was no small feat since my office and her toy room were one.  We sacrificed fun family weekends and summer travel opportunities but now that it is over I am ready for the fun to begin.

We have great travel plans for the remainder of the year, we have our annual Wyoming trip to see faraway Grandma and Grandpa (as Squeeze Bug calls them).  This trip will include me getting to attend my graduation and walk the stage, something I never thought would happen.  It has turned into a grand family affair, a small family reunion of sorts, with all of my husbands siblings coming to town at the same time to enjoy time together.  This will be the first time in a few years that Squeeze Bug gets to see the Philly clan or most of them as my niece is staying in North Carolina for a fabulous internship opportunity (so proud of her).

I also have the honor of traveling to Nagano and Tokyo Japan this fall for work.  I will spend the first few days working but then have time to enjoy the sights and wonders of Japan with Squeeze Bug and my husband.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we felt would be a great learning experience for Squeeze Bug.  Of course, being the HUGE Disney fan that I am, we get to spend 4 fun filled days at Tokyo Disney!

It is shaping up to be a great year and I am beyond thrilled to get back to sharing stories, reviews, and giveaways with you my loyal readers.

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