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Shopping online this season?  Why not have a percentage of your purchases go towards charity. 

GiveBack is a site where you can create your own personal giving foundation. 

You can donate money to your own foundation and get an immediate tax deduction and you can fund your account by shopping at any of GiveBack’s hundreds or retailers through your GiveBack link and a percentage of your purchase (up to 15%) will go directly into your GiveBack account.

Then, you get the satisfaction of donating your GiveBack funds to any charity registered in the U.S. be it a large national charity or a local organization in your community.  

Over Thirty Mommy’s thoughts and experience
I am delighted to have found  I enjoy shopping very much but with a little one in tow, I find it difficult to get out and get it all done with out interrupting nap time or lunch time.  Online shopping has always been one of my favorite past times, I might even shop online now more than in the store.

Now that we are a one income family, we do not have as much disposable income so our charitable donations have gone down a little bit but this is a great was for us to have a percentage of the purchases I would already be making go towards the charities of my choosing.

This feature might be my favorite, I can put together my list of foundations to support and dictate where my money goes.

Signing up for my account was fast and easy, took less than 5 minutes and I picked a couple of great charities that are local and important to me.   You even get $5 from Serena Williams & MISSION when you start your GiveBack Foundation.

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