Eating Right: Get Help or Do it Myself?

Eating Right: Do it Myself or Get Help?

Candy Drawer: I need to Get help

Get Help or Go it Alone?

Once I decided it was time to get healthy again I went on the search for ways to start eating right.  I came across many differing ideas on the best way to boost my fat loss and get back to a healthier me.  The decision I first had to make was get help or do it myself.  One look at my candy drawer told me that I would be better off with help, I clearly had a problem with the way I was doing things.

So Many Programs to Choose From

I started looking at various meal programs like Nutrisystem, Hello Fresh, Personal Trainer foods and more.  It was a bit overwhelming and in no time, I realized I had spent hours researching.  While the meals looked tasty from Hello Fresh, and other similar programs where they send you the food and you prepare and cook them into a tasty meal, it just would not work for my needs.  I barely have time to cook the family one meal, let alone a completely separate meal for myself.   Fixing one meal is critical so I eliminated all the raw food delivery services.

Narrowing the Field

I have narrowed my decision down to Nutrisystem and Personal Trainer Foods since both of these programs were more heat and eat.  This would allow me to still have time to fix supper for my husband and daughter, since they are not joining me on this journey.  My “special” meal would be just a microwave away so it will not add time to our busy schedule.   Nutrisystem has been around for year, they have commercials on TV all the time with varying celebrities.  I am always skeptical of products that use celebrity spokes people, as I know they are getting paid and highly doubt they are actually using the products they pitch.  I had not heard much of Personal Trainer Foods, never seen a commercial or radio ad but I knew of them from some blogs that I read.  At this point Nutrisystem was leading in name recognition.

Packaged foods or Real Foods

Now I began looking at the meals offered by each program.  I wanted simple and easy, not a lot of processed food or carbs.  Carbs are my kryptonite, I can never say no to breads, pastas, and sweets.  My goal was to find a program that I could follow to get the results I was looking for and incorporate into my eating for the future.  Not a program that I would have to continue purchasing their foods forever if I wanted to maintain my healthy change.  Using processed foods was not what I was looking for.   I wanted real foods and a program that would teach me how to eat properly.  For this Personal Trainer Foods took a big leap to the top.

Final Choice Made

Once I made my decision, I spent many hours looking at all of the plans, meals, and options.  I completed menus multiple times wavering on the fence if I thought the program was right for me.   Ultimately it came down to money, I looked at our budgets and decided that it would not fit in right now.  I was disappointed, I really wanted to use this program to kick off the journey to a healthier me.

I would still love to try the Personal Trainer Food program but it is not in the cards right now.  Until I can get the chance to try their program, I will attempt to follow their guidelines of meat, vegetables, eggs, and limited snacks on my own for now.  While I know I will not see the same results, I hope to achieve some of my weight loss goals on my own.  I might need help in the future to attain all of my goals, I am not willing to give up on my goal to get healthy again.

How did you get healthy again?   Did you get help or go at it alone?

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