Christmas Has Come and Gone

I can hardly believe that Christmas is over, it seems to have come and gone so fast. 

Since I am out of work this year, my husband and I decided to forgo exchanging gifts between each other and just focus on our daughter.  Our daughter did secretly get her daddy a gift and it seems Santa thought I was a good girl this year and brought me a beautiful bracelet.

One of the thing I did miss this year was all of the great chocolate gifts that my co-workers would bring me.  No one really likes HR but at Christmas a few of them were appreciative of all I did for them over the year and would bring me treats (they all know how much of a sweet tooth I have). 
Despite being unemployed, this year was the most exciting Christmas Season that I have had in a long time. 

Wiggle Bean will be two next month (where did the time go?) so everything Christmas was new to her.  She couldn’t get enough of the lights and decorations.  We had to go down the Christmas aisles in every store we went to and she would get so excited.  On one visit to Kohl’s we were walking by the decoration section and loudly exclaims, “WOW, Christmas Tree”.  It was a very pretty white tree full of red decorations.  I asked her if she liked it and her response was a resounding “I LOVE IT”.  There was a lady in the section (I could tell she was listening without trying to look like she was listening) and she just started laughing out loud. 

It was so fun to see how excited she got about everything, she loved decorating the tree so much that we decorated a smaller tree for her room and she decorated the tree at two of her grandparents houses.

We took her to Wyoming for a quick Pre-Christmas visit with Grandma and Grandpa. She got to enjoy the snow and loved it.  She was so adorable in her snow suit and I was thrilled to actually get to use it.

Goodbye Christmas, and hello 2011.  I look forward to what the new year brings.  I hope to find a job soon but I am loving being a Stay at Home Mom, it a ton of fun!


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