Changing the Way I Eat

Changing the Way I Eat

Candy Drawer

For me getting health is going to start with changing the way I eat. I don’t make great snack choices. I love pasta and pizza is a staple food in our house.  When I feel hungry, it is just too grab some candy or chips from the snack drawers.  We do not have many low sugar or low carb snacks that are easily accessible. We do usually have a bowl of grapes in the fridge for drive by grapeing, I know they are full of sugars but they are so good.  Giving up fruit will be almost as hard as giving up chocolate!

Week Nights

During the work week, I have tea to kick off the morning. For breakfast I have Greek yogurt and banana (if I eat breakfast).  Lunch is usually a tortilla wrap with meat, cheese, and mayo.  Dinners usually have some sort of meat with mashed potatoes, pasta with sauce and meatballs, tacos, or chef salads that are loaded with croutons and cheese. Chips are plentiful at lunch and dinner, getting my family to eat vegetables is no easy feat.

Snack Drawer

We are a busy family; our daughter is always on the go from one activity to another.  Quick meals are a necessity a few nights a week, some nights her sports are not done until 8:00. This makes it just more convenient to grab fast food or pizza on the way home rather than wait another hour for me to make supper.


Weekends are not much better as that is when it is household project time.  On weekends we are busy with yard work, cutting firewood, washing cars, and so on.  On a typical weekend morning, I usually grab a bowl of cereal before we get started, we work thru lunch and by the time dinner time comes around, I am just too worn out to cook.

My Plan

As I write this, it sounds like a bunch of excuses and if I were to be honest with myself I know they are.  There really is no reason that as a busy working mom that I cannot eat better and get back to a healthier me.  The key here is changing the way I eat!

My game plan:

  1. Cut out cookies, candies, and sugary snacks
  2. cut out fruit
  3. portion control
  4. eat a lean protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner
  5. cut cards like bread and pasta

I have my beginning weight and measurements, now to continue the journey to a healthier me.

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