Holiday Gift Guide: Heat Your Seat With Chaheati

We are big into camping, we went about 10 trips this year between April – September.  let me tell you the trip in April was not the most fun, it was raining, cold and kind of miserable.  We did have fun hanging out in the camper watching movies on our daughter’s portable DVD player.

We are looking forward to next camping season and if it is raining and hard to start a fire again like this past season, we will be warm and toasty with our new Chaheati All-Season Heated chair.

The Chaheati chair is a lightweight cordless heated camping seat. Is collapsible and features a rechargeable heating system. The Chaheati has four settings, runs on rechargeable batteries that last up to six hours, depending on your heat selection,  and lasts for over 500 uses. The battery pack can even be charged in the car with the available (but sold separate) AC car adapter.

Heat Output and Duration:

Setting Average Temp. Approx Duration
Low 98.6-100.4°F 6 hours
Med 109.4-113°F 3.5 hours
High 125.6-131°F 2.5 hours
Max 141.8-145.4°F 1.8 hours

The Chaheati all-season chair features an oversize seat and has an increased weight tolerance of 280lbs.

I might even set my Chaheati chair up in the living room to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a heated seat.  The chair beats a standard heating pad by optimally designed to provide even heat across your back, lower back, bottom and back of the thighs.

Get your Chaheati All Season Heated Chair makes tailgating, camping, hunting, fishing or any outdoor event warmer!

Heat your seat with Chaheati!

**Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Other people may have different experiences with the products.**


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