Amazing Trip to Japan (part 1)


At the company I work for my team won a competition for plant improvements and our reward was a trip to Japan for two of our team members.  The trip was supposed to be in March but I was in the middle of completing my final term of college so the company was kind enough to allow us to postpone until September.

My company was also open to the idea of my husband and daughter traveling with me.  While they were not allowed to participate in work functions and dinners that involved representatives from our Nagano sister plant, they got to travel around Nagano on those 3 days and experience things on their own.

Our trip consisted of three main sections: (Stay tuned for future posts to detail each part of our journey)

  1. Nagano
  2. Tokyo
  3. Tokyo Disney!

The flight there was long, about 11 hours, but the flight crew was great and we were never thirsty or hungry.  We lost and entire day due to travel and time change differences, left home at 1:00 PM Sunday and landed at 4:00 PM Monday.  By the time we made it through the Narita airport and currency exchange to the trains and up to our hotel in Nagano is was close to 9:00 at night.

We had a great company representative with us that spoke Japanese and was invaluable in getting us set up with our rooms and help guide us through train stations and restaurants.  Without her we all surely would have been lost in a foreign land.

Over the next couple weeks, I look forward to sharing all of our adventures with you and tell you about all of the things we did, saw, and ate.

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