Afternoon of Fun at Portland Monster Jam ® Triple Threat Series™


Monster Jam ® Triple Threat Series™

My daughter looks forward to Monster Jam ® every year, she has since she was little.  The day finally came and she was beyond excited.  We packed up our hearing protection and left almost an hour before the show to make sure we had time to find parking.  Apparently that was not in the work as the traffic was terrible and then parking was a nightmare.  I am not sure what was going on in the area but all 3 Moda Center garages were completely full and were only allowing people with passes.  We drove around and around looking for an alternative and found one small lot that was charging more than the Garden Garages to park.  We contemplated just driving back home and catching a movie instead, my husband was beyond frustrated but we could see the disappointment on our daughter’s face so we sucked it up and paid the exorbitant cost. We were running 45 minutes late for the show so we booked it to the arena and found our seats.

We missed a good portion of the show but we made it in time for the start of the 2 wheel competition which was fun to watch.  We loved how some of the trucks could jump the mounds, land on 2 wheels then balance themselves as they drove back up the mound backwards.  There were trucks that flipped over trying the stunt (those were exciting) and others that made it (even more exciting).  Some were better at 2 wheeling than others but it was fun to watch.

In past years that we have gone to Monster Jam, there has been official judging panels and audience judging panels but this year they had mobile voting.  They had a website you could go to that gave each member of the audience the ability to score the drivers.  It was quick, only 20 seconds after the run, and scores came back quickly but we thought it was a great way to engage the audience.  My daughter LOVED it and commandeered my phone to “manage” the scoring. She liked that she got to help decide which truck would win.  It was fun to watch her not only enjoy watching the trucks but also get into the scoring.  She would cheer when the drivers would get a score close to what she gave them and jeer when scores came back not as she anticipated. You could hear it from audience members around the arena when a driver they felt did great was given a low score average.

We each had our favorite trucks; my husband likes Zombie™ and El Toro Loco®, my all time favorite has always been Grave Digger but this year I went in also rooting for Megaladon but Earth Shaker stole the show for me, my daughter’s favorite this year was Monster Mutt® Dalmation (she loved that it was driven by a woman).  We cheered on our drivers and had a great time for the remainder of the show.

She is already looking forward to Monster Jam next year and talking about being a monster truck driver like the 2 women that drove this year.  Next year we will leave even earlier so we are sure not to get stuck in traffic and have to park so far away.  Even with missing part of the show, we still had a great time and would do it again just to see the wonder and excitement on our daughter’s face.

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