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I wanted to say hello and introduce myself to everyone.

My name is Carrie and I am the creator of Over Thirty Mommy.  I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (near Portland Oregon) and have lived here my entire life.  With the exception of two years “hard time” that I did in Wyoming.  No I wasn’t in jail but it was a drastic change from the mild conditions of where I am from and I was glad to move back home.  I have been married to a wonderful man for over 17 years and we have one little girl who is very much like her mommy.

My husband and I wanted time to grow as a couple before we settled down and have a family and as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. Before we knew it we were celebrating our 9th anniversary and shortly there after decided the time was right to move from couple to family.

I have always been a lover of shopping with a special passion for shoes and purses. I am ecstatic that my daughter, Bean Bug (not really her name), has followed in my footsteps and loves purses, shoes and clothing.  She is a little fashionista and a mini shopaholic just like her mama!  I have her fully trained to give her daddy an innocent look when we return from our shopping outings and give him her two favorite saying “It fell into the cart” and “Dad, you can’t stop shopping queens”.  That’s my girl!

We love to travel when ever possible.  Prior to having our daughter, my husband and I enjoyed a few wonderful trips to Jamaica and truly hope to take her there some day soon to experience the culture and people.  Her first international travel experience came in November 2011 when we took her to Amsterdam.  Her and I quickly became experts at their tram system and were zipping all over the city checking out the sites from the Van Gogh museum to the Purse Museum (yes, there is a purse museum and we spent hours there!).

My husband and I both grew up camping, all be it very differently, he in Wyoming and I in Oregon.  For the past 4 years we have been camping with out little girl and she loves getting out in the wilderness and enjoying all the activities. As long as there are S’mores by the campfire at night she is good!

About Over Thirty Mommy:

Over Thirty Mommy started as a way to share stories about our daughter with family and friends both near and far. I vented about my trials and boasted about my successes of parenting when you start after 30.
Since then, Over Thirty Mommy has grown into much more than I ever thought possible. We are now a Blog about all things family. I still share stories of being an older parent but we also conduct reviews and host giveaways for products and services for all members of the family from Fido to grandpa.
We are a small blog on the grand scale of things but we are growing daily and recently made the first step towards future growth by becoming a self-hosted blog.

If you are interested in advertising at Over Thirty Mommy or having products and brands promoted, please email us @ over30mommy@gmail.com

A copy of our media kit is available upon request.

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